No one likes the TUNA episode 4 – Arley Elizabeth

So here’s the 4th episode of “No one likes the TUNA” episode 4. Still not perfect but we’re trying to get there. Brian couldn’t make it so Xena Kai was gracious enough to fill in for him and she may even return for the next show along with Chaba who also couldn’t make it to attend a cousins graduation. Also, we had a new boom guy who didn’t realize every little shuffle and move he made with the boom mic would translate to an irritating knock and rubbing noise so we apologize for the sound. He has since been horrifically executed and will be replaced by a ladder… Anyways we talk “Fast and Furious 6″ answer some questions, recap Eibach Wekfest LA and Autocon, and talk to “Arsely” Elizabeth… get it!? Arsely? Cause she has a nice arse! JK all joking aside we talk to Arley Elizabeth and anal twerking and anal escapades. The car being shot is Prestige Marketing’s newly acquired GT wide BMW M3 shot by Keith “Keychain” Cheng. Hope you enjoy the show and thank you for watching! If you have questions you can email us at

DSPORT Meet Up presented by Nongshim America

Words and Photos by Gilbert.

This past Sunday, Nongshim America hosted a meet in conjunction with DSPORT and the up and coming Reality Show #RollModels where it’s based on the lives of 6 Import Models in the scene today at K1 Speed, Irvine, CA. There was a decent turnout in a good variety of cars and Its JDM Yo!!! had a huge presence there as well.  The day was filled with various activities that the models had to perform to win “points” on the show and basically was a head to head competition.  The models in attendance in no particular order were Gina Darling, Danielle Lo, Michelle Yee, Nikita Esco, Beckie Joon and Melyssa Grace.

Big Abe was also in attendance doing his thing with the bling.


The Models were gathered together and basically went over the agenda of the day.


First task at hand: Get people to sign up for new subscriptions for DSport.  The models quickly went to work getting people to sign up.


Nikita Esco


Danielle Lo


Gina Darling being extra cheesy to get It’s JDM Yo!!! Founder Tony Lee to sign up


As well as “the Godfather” of It’s JDM Yo!!! Mikee


Sizing up the competition


Danielle Lo was reaching out to the other guys from Its JDM Yo as well

Scarlett from the reality show KTOWN was trying out Big Abe’s Bling


The Second Task of the day was the Ramen Eating Contest. Models searched the crowd for potential competitors and I was chosen to team up with Team Danielle Lo.  A lot of people were thinking I would put up a good fight in the contest but I failed. Sorry Danielle that we didn’t win! Unfortunately I was participating in the contest so I don’t have any photos to show you guys but I’m sure there’s plenty of coverage of the event elsewhere on the web such as The Chronicles or Autoshowevents.

Which leads us to the 3rd Task the models had to do. Race Room was one of the vendors and they have this driving simulator game similar to Forza or Gran Turismo 5 for you gamers out there. The models were asked to participate in a race among themselves.

Just like real life, girls like to check their hair, make up, cell phone, etc… before driving, maybe even during…

Competition was fierce since Gina Darling is a regular gamer model in the industry.


After the Race Room races, they were brought into K1 Speed for some real go-kart action.


Such poise.


Such Grace.

A little bit of downtime as the girls and the crew had their quick lunch of Nongshim Instant Ramen


A quick equipment check from all the girls to make sure the helmets fit properly.


Scarlett made sure Melyssa’s was working properly by head-butting her.


Making sure all the seatbelts were taut, because safety comes first.


Nikita Esco in #24


Gina Darling in #19

Beckie Joon in #12

Melyssa Grace started in #1 Position in Car # 27

Danielle Lo #8 leads the pack after Melyssa and Nikita

As expected, can’t have a day at the G0-Karts without someone spinning out and some bumping fun.

The final task of the day was the models gathered together to take a quick look at the remaining cars at the meet to decide which car they loved the most. The winner of the model’s favorite car was to receive 1 year’s supply of Nongshim Instant Ramen. Notbad.jpg

Gina spotted our It’s JDM Yo!!! mascot acting silly in the crowd so she was pointing and laughing at him.

Minh from Royal Origin got plenty of attention with his Lexus IS

In the end, the battle was between our own GT-R35 driven by Slow Kuruma and our own BB6 Prelude driven by Chris R.
Slow Kuruma being a humble fellow decided to give his votes to Chris who took home the 1 year supply of Ramen.

Later on, some announcements about the girls’ progress throughout the reality show. Michelle Yee was quite happy here.

Melyssa Grace was also celebrating a bit as well and receiving cheer from her co-stars.

After a long day, models and attendees were exhausted so we all had to bid each other farewell as we return to our normal lives.


Automotive Connection – AutoCon 2011 Models

Words and Photos by Gilbert for Its JDM Yo!!!

Let me start off by saying MERRY CHRISTMAS to all our readers and fans!  I’ve been really busy with photo editing so this post naturally came a bit late.  AutoCon was definitely poppin’ with all the car crews and homies coming out.  I spent most of my time helping around here and there at the booth and shooting models as usual.  Enjoy the coverage!!!

Big props to Kuya Protection who always watch over all the lovely models.

Also a congratulations to the Vanguard Collective for bringing home a few trophies!

Adventures with Big Abe — Jeri Lee’s Body Paint Birthday Special!

Words and Photos by Gilbert for Its JDM Yo!!!

Last thursday, we were invited to Jeri Lee’s BodyPaint Birthday Fashion Show at Heat Ultra Lounge so our crew, Big Mike and Big Abe all rolled out to chill with Jeri at her birthday.  Daizo is working on the video so I’ll share some of the photo coverage that I shot that night.  As usual, it was a blast so thanks again for inviting us Jeri!

Until next time, more adventures with Big Abe to come!

yearTHREE The Chronicles…

Yes it’s that time again when we celebrate the birth of one of the most influential blogs in the scene.  It’s jdm yo! will be there along with some hotties like Tracy Linh and new sexsation Holly Lee plus we’ll be displaying with some of our Vanguard Collective!  So come out tomorrow and kick it with us as we celebrate Joey and The Chronicles!

Autocon Coverage

Words and Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

Remember waking up Christmas morning and hoping that the toy of your dreams was waiting for you under the tree? Well I remember that feeling and I’m sure many of you know how good it feels to actually find that toy underneath all that wrapping paper. Even though a lot of us are now older and have since moved on to other items; we still remember those childhood memories and jump at the opportunity to allow another child to have the same feeling. Toys for Tots is a charity program that has been providing underprivileged children that feeling for many years. When I heard that a car event called Autocon had teamed up with them I was all for it. Christmas time truly brings out the best of us, and the same could be said for the entire group of automotive enthusiast who attended the charity car show, Autocon. Participants and spectators donated dozens and dozens of toys on the day of the event. Justin Fong was the mastermind behind the creation of the event. He truly poured his heart and soul into the event in order to create a car show that people would remember, and well he certainly accomplished that goal.

The layout of the event was something straight out to the movies. As you walked down the driveway into the underground parking structure it felt as if you were walking into a party. People were having a great time listening to the music, chatting it up with friends, checking out the cars, and of course checking out the models.

Participants received this sweet decal as they arrived for the show.

Here is Justin getting interviewed about the event by Bite Me TV.

Justin’s SI

The Air Runner booth was on top of the parking structure right next to the entrance. I can’t get enough of the Air Runner/5axis GS. So dope!

There were 3 food trucks that came out to the event to provide the hungry spectators food they could purchase. Here is a picture of the Dogzilla truck.

Here is the Dos Chinos truck.

The Temaki truck was there serving up some sushi.

Here are a couple pictures of our itsjdmyo booth. I loved our set up we had at this show. We had the two beautiful poster/headlining models, Chaba and Amy Fay, at our booth as well as both poster cars. We also had a bunch of other sick cars and a huge model lounge.

Tony’s NSX. The feature car for the Autocon poster with Chaba.

Jon Jon’s IS. The feature car for the Autocon poster with Amy Fay.

DPK David and the infamous DPK David face decal. Joey from “The Chronicles” is the one responsible for the creation of that sticker.

The internet sensation Big Mike and his award-winning Prelude. He took home the Finest Honda award that day. A well deserved win.

Auto Fashion came all the way out from San Diego to attend the event. I always enjoy checking out all of their VIP rides.

Big Abe was running the security at the show with his team. You really don’t wanna mess with this guy or you might find yourself getting smashed in the face with a 24k rim.

Some random accord owned by Keychain.

The “ironman” IS300 owned by Jason Lim.

The gorgeous Amy Fay. Thanks again for being one of the headlining models of the event. It was a pleasure working with you for the poster shoot.

The stunning Chaba. Thanks again for all your help at many of the past events we have attended and especially for being one of the headlining models for Autocon. It was a pleasure working with you for the poster shoot.

A bit of coverage of the cars at the event. More can be found down below in the gallery.

Team Praxis. These guys and gal are always a blast to hang out with. Truly some of the finest built cars in SoCal.

Raichelle Viado :)

Jewelyn :)

Christine Zegers :)

Kay Bae :). The last picture is of her making a lens hood over her eye. She was asking me what a lens hood does and after explaining it to her she did the pose above. Super cool chick.

Tracy Linh :)

Tiffani :)

Julie Mai :)

Joling Ferro :)

Kay Bae and two other modes. I’m sorry but I didn’t get your names. If someone knows them please comment down below so I can know for future reference.

Chaba, Amy Fay, and Kay Bae. Thanks again for announcing and handing out the awards.

Freddie from Auto Fashion and Big Abe look like they are about to square off LOL. Tony getting mobbed up by the Autocon staff.

Thanks again Justin Fong for all of your hard work and for putting on such a great event. I am truly honored to have been apart of it. Let me know if there is another in the future. Thanks again to everyone who came out to the event to show support.

Enjoy all of the photos down below.