The Chronicles IV Year Meet

Words and Photos by Chris Bennett , A.K.A. “Bennett” for Its JDM Yo

A good turnout for the 4 year meet held at Eibach HQ in the City of Corona California. As to be expected in Southern California, it was a hot 90 degrees throughout the afternoon. Despite the heat, the Honda enthusiasts came with great assortment of  the favored EG, along with the Integra Type R and the Honda S2000 to name a few. And, although the meet primarily consisted of Honda’s and Acura’s, there were a few other vehicle types represented.  The crowd was in good spirits and Show Models Holly Lee and Emma Rose were there to meet and greet fans, take photos, and help with award presentations. When it came to the Its JDM Yo Crew, our members were there providing water to attendees, not to mention, an almost full representation of our crew cars. All in all, a nice relaxing afternoon with good company…who can ask for more.

Next stop, Auto Fashion, Sunday Nov. 4th, 2012

Extreme Autofest – San Diego 2012 – Part 1

Words and Photos by Gilbert

I’m gonna have to split up this coverage into 3 posts because there was just a lot of stuff going on and I went solo with the coverage for this event.  Extreme Autofest had it’s latest installment at what I would consider their home turf of Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.  I was fortunate enough to camp out at the AutoFashion / Style Over Comfort / AutoGallery / Praxis / AirRunner megabooth as well as with the homies over at DaYuum!

There were some pretty nice builds out so this post is mostly just going to be cars that piqued my interest because I don’t shoot many cars anymore.

I happened to spot Jennifer “Angel”‘s car while driving down

Some cars that were setup around the megabooth

AirRunner’s extensive setup

Prestige Marketing was there with their Tekken-themed cars as well

Part 2 will follow, hopefully soon before the SpoCom Show this weekend.

Motion 2012 Coverage!!!

Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

Autocon 2011 Coverage

Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for