SpoCom 2013 Model Coverage

Words by Gilbert.

SpoCom is still one of the major popular shows to attend in so cal and this year was a great example of that. Plenty of models to go around, lots of cars with some fun and interesting builds, and did I mention there were lots of models? The event also caters to the Dancers as they have contests every year which you get the local dance crews to perform on stage and see what they’re capable of. I used to be more into that kind of stuff when America’s Best Dance Crew was still around but as of late, I haven’t had much interest in it, but it’s nice to see that there’s still nice competition going around.

Eva Skye & Jeri Lee


Shauvon Pham


Xena Kai



Hayle Cayaga


Marissa Masuno


Arley Elizabeth


Erica Law


Elizabeth Tran


Tara Patrick




Sandra Wong


Amy Ames


Ellie Roxx




Lovely Raichelle


Beckie Joon






Dianna Lushus


Christine Zegers



Arika Sato


Jay Ferrer


Janis Wong


Jenna Lane


Regina Mei


Maureen Chen


Danielle Lo


Brittani Paige



Jenn Q


Dannie Riel



Maureen Chen – Back in the day

Going through my HD at work I found I had some old Maureen Chen photos from past shoots we never released.  I dont have the whole set but a few pictures so I thought I’d post them today since I havent posted in a while.  That’s because I’ve been moving and getting ready for upcoming shows and meets.   These were taken at Drift Speed with 2 of their cars and a seperate shoot with Andrew’s Supra.  And this is way before she made any covers or anything like that.  Anyways, ENJOY!

Photos by Gilbert Chen

And that’s all I have for now….  Ill post the rest later.  Have a good Friday fellas!


SpoCom 2011

Photos by Gilbert for itsjdmyo.com

Just finished with the edits for the model photos at SpoCom 2011.  Great show and the model lounge was definitely packed.  It was awesome hanging out with the crew and the car show homies 1-up.

Dsport 100th issue release PARTAY at VOYEUR!

As you should hopefully know Dsport just released their 100th issue of Dsport which is a big milestone for them and to celebrate they held an industry party at the hottest new club in West Hollywood, Voyeur.  This is one of those chic clubs where your looks or your wallet are what get you in so it was a treat cause any other night I’d never get in.  And what makes this club special other than their ultra strict entry screening and ridiculously high priced alcohol?  All their dancers dance topless in weird ass costumes.  I can’t even describe what they were wearing last night, it was like a cross between cirque du soleil and a baby doll outfit.  And one girl was literally banging a baby bottle.  Some crazy visuals I tell ya and Vicodin’s a helluva drug so a pretty good night.  Yeah my sciatica came back so I was back on them for the night.  Anyways, the shit was poppin at this party.  I pretty much ran into every model one would want to run into at a club.  Plus a lot of homies from the scene were there like Antonio and his Motormavens crew, Big Steve, Quan and some of the Auto Fashion fam, Robert from Falken, and Bite me TV just to name a few.  And I hate to keep saying this but anyone who wasn’t there really missed out.  Not to mention itsjdmyo.com got to roll with the usual hotties Amy Fay, Chaba, Tracy Linh, Eva Skye and her friend Melody, and Maureen Chen which makes going out a great fucking time!  But since the club did have topless dancers no camera’s were allowed inside so no coverage from inside the club.  But we do have shots we took of our models out on the red carpet.   And big thanks to Vinh and Dsport for having us at their event!

We made the girls suffer out in the cold to get these photos so I hope you guys enjoy them.


Photos by Gilbert

Me trying to play it cool… lol

Gilbert our talented photographer.  This photo was taken by Daizo.  And Keychain couldn’t make it this night and I know he’s probably kicking himself now.

I just realized Melody is really tall

A very nice line up indeeed


Some more of Maureen Chen and her friend Ashley

Amy having a good time on the red carpet

Eva Skye sucha cutie!



Homegirl Chaba

The lovely Tracy Linh aka Xena *side note – She LOVES King Taco!

Glamourcon Long Beach 2010

Glamourcon… for those of you who don’t know, these events are basically model mecca’s.  Pretty much think HIN without cars and the lights are on.  Just tables and tables of models all out there trying to hustle fellas into buying their 6×9’s, calenders, dvd’s, and pretty much any type of merchandise bearing their image.  A place where the die hard stalker, amateur photographer, pervert blogger (myself) =) can get a chance to snap pics of their favorite model and shoot the shit with them.  Now this particular Glamourcon was one of their anniversaries and something like 75% of the models were playboy playmates from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s  which I have no comment on.  Current models were at the event as well or else this post wouldn’t be happening.  The event was packed and you could tell a lot of die hard fans of the older playmates were on hand cause getting shots wasn’t easy.  Plus some models charge you $5-$10 to take photos of them which I think is pretty whack but whatever.  Maureen and a few other home girls were here so it was coo just catching up with them.  All in all, this Glamourcon was a good one even if it was like the Golden Girls of Playboy convention.  And surprisingly the Mother Son creeper team wasn’t present at this event which kind of disappointed me sadly.. .lol..  Anyways, I’ll be looking forward to their next event “Women of Perfection” which will be in February.

T. Lee

Popular cam site NPmodels came out pretty big to this one

The Lovely Maureen Chen

Sweet Honey Jo

Yeah I didn’t get it…… her idea of safe sex????

Yeah…. haven’t seen Jessica Burciaga in a while ever since she bared all in Playboy.  It was great when she used to bartend at the Lounge, she would play with my glasses…..

I never get tired of some good underboob…

Girls kept complaining that it was cold….

The OG

Oh shit its Tera Patrick…

Big Abe and Raichelle Viado

Genevive Valente….

And heres the rest….

Nisei Fun Bags….

So for this installment of FBF I bring you model coverage from Nisei.  Even though Nisei isn’t known for having too much TnA there were still some fun bags to be had.  Especially since we had Maureen Chen at our booth  =).  But even with Maureen there the likes of Natalia Marie and Beckie Joon made apearances as well.  Anyways, enough talk….

oh yeah, some of the photos are by Gilbert Chen.

T. Lee

Maureen Chen posing in front of the IS.  Special thanks to lala LA Boutique for the outfit Maureen is wearing.

Maureen also brought new model friend Ivy with her to Nisei.

Raichelle Viado was there chillin in the AIC booth

A good amount of models for Nisei I would think.  Raichelle Viado, Beckie Joon, Dianna Lushus, and Maureen Chen.

No car show would be complete without a little Natalia Marie…

and here’s the rest

Nisei Award Ceremony

While we sort through our Nisei pics thought I’d post the award ceremony I filmed with my phone so sorry for the poor quality and lighting.  Anthony from Motor Mavens hosted the award ceremony and was clownin on all the winners so it’s pretty entertaining.  And if you just cant wait for the coverage check out The ChroniclesEmuflix, or Gangsta Original.

T. Lee