AutoCon 2013 Coverage

Words and Photos by Chris Bennett , A.k.a. Bennett for Its JDM Yo!


I’d first like to apologize for the delay in this posting… now thats out of the way.. .lets get to what you came to our site for… babes and cars! Auto-Con this year, like last year, was held in the city of Arcadia in the parking lot of the Santa Anita Race Track. However, unlike last years show, it wasn’t 1000 degrees out! however, there was still a good turnout from spectators to view the car and model filled show as well as enjoy the variety of food trucks on hand. Congratulations to our team members who received awards for their rides and, i think we can take this time to pat ourselves on the back for taking Best team! Great job everyone!  Special thanks to the models and vehicle owners for aiding me in capturing our shots.  See you at the next show!



claudia Alan











Adventures with Big Abe – HIN Fontana featuring YoZilla!

Words and Photos by Gilbert.

With the 2013 Show season in full swing, this was the first event where almost the entire Its JDM Yo!!! Crew was out and about getting coverage and showing their cars. The event was a good starting point to set the rest of the year in motion with the new builds, new models, new crews coming out in attendance.

Mike Mao's NSX
Sam Ip's Civic
Keychain's Accord
Eulysis S2000
Ellisone's VIP-Style XB

Some Adventures with Big Abe

Big Abe Hanging out with It’s JDM Yo!!!’s mascot YoZilla
Abe gets all the Hotties like Trinity Dang
Also he likes to mess around with models by giving them dirty looks for fun. Ashley Malia got a taste of this.


Adventures with Big Abe — Extreme Autofest Season Opener Anaheim 2012 Preview

Words and Photos by Gilbert.

The season opener of Extreme Autofest 2012 was at hand and happening over at Angel’s Stadium in Anaheim, CA.  If you were at DUB show earlier this year, you’ll remember it was rained out but this time, it was definitely bright and sunny out and it surely brought out some crowds.  The Model Lounge at the event was themed with a Heaven and Earth motif so be sure to check back for the model coverage of the event later.

I arrived at the scene and looked for Big Abe walking with some swagger getting the model lounge ready.

While prepping for the model lounge I think saw him radioing for backup — that or he’s letting everyone know he crop-dusted the place.

As the even started, the models started showing up and taking the opportunity, photo-bombed a photo of Leo of Kuya Protection

Here it is folks, proof that models DO eat. Abe was quite shocked.

But Abe definitely does take his job seriously at these events. Keeps a close eye on things. 2 Things.

We took a quick pass around the show and wandered with through the girls of earthly delights from JDM Sport.

Of course when we want to take coverage photos, Abe gives us all a “friendly” reminder that we need to behave.

Of course when Big Abe is watching over the model lounge the entire day, he needs to pass the time so he starts drawing mustaches on the model’s photos. Be sure to pick up one of those limited edition prints by Abe in the future shows.

In addition to those limited edition prints, you can also have him photobooth with your favorite models!

The following photos show the many faces of Abe:
#1. Hello Kitty Abe

#2. Super Abe / Chicken Adobo Abe

The Kuya Protection Staff

I’ll end the segment with a short preview of the model coverage to come.

Alexis Kobayashi


Ela Pasion

Motion 2011 Event Coverage!!!

Words and Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

Motion 2011 was held inside the Long Beach convention center. I honestly like indoor shows during the summer for the obvious reason that it is way cooler then outdoor shows. I’m sure all the participants and models really appreciate the presence of an air-conditioned building. Here is a look inside what went on during the day of Motion 2011. Enjoy!

Raichelle Viado.


Corissa Furr.

Marcus Cooke’s G35 from Canibeat.

NOS girls serving drinks out of an ice sculpture.

Eva Skye.

Tracy Linh.

ITS JDM YO!!! booth.

Big Mike.


Holly Lee.

Freddie’s Ruckus from Auto Fasion.

Peter’s S14 from 1 up crew. Keep up to date with Autcon. You won’t want to miss that event!

Jeri Lee.

Kai Lansangan.

Kristin Barcelona.

Jackie Treadwell.

Kuya Protection.

Holly Lee and Big Abe.

Ela Pasion.

William’s TC from Night Import.

Abe Blvd.

ITS JDM YO!!! team winnings. Congrats!!!

Spocom 2011 Event Coverage!!!

Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for


ITS JDM YO!!! 1st Year!!!!

Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for