WekFest LA 2013 – Long Beach Queen Mary

Words by Gilbert.

It’s been another year written in the history books for WekFest LA, the popular venue was located in Long Beach Queen Mary Events Park where the multitude of local crews came out to fill the location. Cars were a plenty but this year there were fewer models mostly due to the also popular MFest 2013 Event happening in Las Vegas the same day. The feel and flavor of the event was as robust as ever with many new vendors on site as well as some interesting new car builds and crews.






Julie Mai


Amy Ames and Ellie Roxx




Serena Su



Holly Lee


Marissa Hiroko


Jenn Q


Jenn Q and Jay Ferrer


Formula D Round 1: Streets of Long Beach

Words and Photos by Gilbert

The Formula D Season kicks off its first event on the Streets of Long Beach. Traditionally the weekend before the Long Beach Grand Prix and this year continues to do so.  Unfortunately for myself, I couldn’t get track-access so I didn’t get to go up close to the drifting action to shoot the coverage, but I still did my usual thing covering all the lovely ladies working the show.  Although there wasn’t exactly a model lounge, it kinda makes things a bit interesting to find models spread throughout the venue.  Although, I apologize for completely missing the JDM Sport booth, I heard there was a large group of models chilling over there.  Also, I need to give a big Shoutout to Freddie of Autofashion x TrendyVape for giving me a spot to camp out and put my gear down when I needed a break. Also, be sure to check out TrendyVape when you’re down in San Diego for your Vaping needs!

My E-Vic wrapped with the custom Hello Kitty print from TrendyVape. Super trendy.


Freddie helping customers with their first fills


Ashley Clark at the OMG Drift Booth


Julie Mai and Brittani Paige were at the NOS Booth


Raquel Estrella


Amanda Kerr & Ashley Clark


Falken Tires


Hankook Tires, Erica Nagashima


Nikita Esco at the Mishimoto Booth


Big Abe


Holly Lee


Didn’t catch her name…


Hayle Cayaga


Arley Elizabeth


Ken Gushi


April Yi for Achilles Radial


Ngan Vo


Deena Kacie Bayles


Sorry, I didn’t catch her name


Brittani Paige


Erica Ocampo


Gina Darling and Beckie Joon were on the scene for Roll Models


Michelle Yee at Motegi Wheels


Janey B


K1 Speed Models


Sorry, I didn’t get the names of the models at Silk Road Auto, if anyone can fill me in, comment below!



Danielle Lo


Natalia Marie for NOS Energy Drink


Julie Mai for NOS Energy Drink


Sandra Wong for Nitto tires, which turned into a mini photoshoot.




Later in the day, I spotted a big crowd gathered together in the walkway, so I headed over for a look thinking there might’ve been a fight or something, turns out it was a couple of kids in a dance battle.


Then throughout the day, there was more silliness from the models









Formula D Round 7: Title Fight, Irwindale, CA Part 2

Words and Photos by Gilbert.

Continuing from before, here’s the model and drifting coverage of the event. Definitely a great day for some intense competition with many surprises and upsets for the competition.  Definitely congratulations are due to Daigo Saito and Team Achille’s Tires for taking the championship title.

Motion Auto Show 2012 – Model Coverage

Words and Photos by Gilbert for Its JDM Yo!!!

So this is my first time at Motion autoshow and I wasn’t too sure of what to expect so I kind of went in on this blind. There was definitely a lot of models that attended the show and they were also pretty spread out so I apologize if I didn’t get any shots of anyone in particular that you’re looking for.  The show was fairly interesting in the sense that it had that feel of being crowded and busy and at the same time, it felt like there was plenty of breathing room to go around.

Formula Drift Long Beach 2012

Words and Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for itsjdmyo.com

Well it’s been a while since I’ve gotten a chance to blog and put up some coverage. Being a recent graduate and getting a job in my field of study has really been taking up most of my time these days. Well enough about myself; let’s cut to the coverage.

I recently attended the Formula Drift event in Long Beach, CA. It’s one of the most anticipated shows of the year for me. The location is just gorgeous and having professional drift cars on the “streets” of Long Beach is just incredible.

Big Abe was out there with his “Big Abe” sized NOS can. He was working for NOS and regulating the VIP NOS area.

Xena Kai looking stunning.

Holly Lee looking gorgeous.

Julie Mai with that one of a kind smile.

Ken Gushi’s brand new Scion FR-S drift car.

A pile of free used Falken tires.

Chris Dang of IMKING clothing.

Francis rocking the “Let’s Roll” IMKING/Royal Origin colab t-shirt.

Walker Wilkerson’s S13.

AWFILMS doing work!

Joey Lee from “The Chronicles”.

Sean’s supercharged 350z.

Karl’s S2000 rocking some meat flushed CCW’s.

Billy’s IS300.

John Fob’s RX-7.

Luigi’s S2000 on MB Battles.

Adventures with Big Abe — Formula D Long Beach

Words and photos by Gilbert for Its JDM Yo!!!

So it was a hot Saturday morning and the city of Long Beach had begun its preparations for the Long Beach Grand Prix this weekend. As is the tradition, Formula D was in town as well and they had begun their season opener. I woke up a little late and made my way to the show and the first thing I remembered was that Big Abe was working with the NOS booth. I went to the first NOS Booth I saw but didn’t find Abe. Later I found out the Vendor Side and Car Show side was divided so I made my way over to the Slammed Society Car Show side and of course I found Abe at THAT particular NOS Booth with some new bling…

The new “Abe-sized” NOS.  Limited Production.

He was basically the doorman with Sheila and some of the other NOS girls throughout the day.  There were some kids trying to start trouble by beating them with their thunder sticks. I heard that if they kids didn’t stop, Abe was gonna pick up a model and throw her at them.

If you were there, you knew it was a hot hot day. The NOS guys brought over an umbrella so now Abe can start his gig as an Umbrella Girl. Oh and Duck Face included too.

Sheila was facepalming because some guys were telling them that Big Abe said they could go into the VIP section. EVEN THOUGH Abe was standing right there… We all had some laughs.

Abe was filming a small commercial skit while crushing cans like…… cans.

Abe with HIS bodyguards.  Now that he’s becoming an internet and soon to be international sensation, he needs bodyguards for himself now!

Throughout the day, the competition went and teams were giving away their used tires. Obviously there were plenty of people taking the opportunity to snatch up some pretty usable tires.  Not all of them were super bald like slicks but they’re usable as spares.

I spotted some sporadic Hooters girls wandering the show. Handing out some coupons or something.

Big Abe sharing a tender moment with Natalia Marie. D’awww

Big Abe’s Chiropractor Services. Give him some Halo Halo on a hot day and he’ll fix your spinal problems.

Not TOO sure what Abe is staring at but Holly Lee is looking nice for some photos.

Big Abe is in a very Happy Place right now. — with Holly Lee & Xena Kai  :)

Playing around with my hat. Pretty useful on a hot day.

Even the NOS models are packing some guns.

Eventually the models decided it would be fun to splash water on Abe. Little did they know, it was actually quite comfortable for him.

Bobby “Phattypixels” doing his thing hanging out with Michelle Yee and Julie Mai

Ever since the DUB Show, Abe was getting his swole on at the shows… now even NOS models are getting in on it. Working out at shows is impressive.

Until next time, stay tuned for more Adventures with Big Abe.