JERI LEE’s Pirate Pastease Show @ HEAT Ultra Lounge

Words and photos by Gilbert Chen for

I remembered our Videographer Daizo had already posted his videos from this pastease show, so I chose a few of the photos I snapped that night for coverage of the pastease show.


Be sure to check out Daizo’s video here:

Oh yeah, we also happened to bump into the lovely Amy Fay enjoying herself that night.

Happy Humps and taking a little break…

Wussup fellas!  So there was no big show this weekend and what can I say…  I got no new humps.  But I did dig through my hard drive and managed to find some photo sets I shot with a model from back in the day.  So here’s a few hump oriented shots from that set.  Sorry for the lack of quantity on this hump post but originally Hump posts were only supposed to be like 5 photos anyways, but in the end I spoiled you guys with tons of photos.  Anyways, enjoy the hump.  And a sticker to anyone who can guess the model.  To win just be the first to comment.

I literally fell back shooting this picture… you can see my leg right there on the bottom left.

Anyways, good luck naming this model.

RPM Humps!

Okay so I’ll be honest.  Humps weren’t as prominent at this show since RPM had issue with girls going lude (G-strings) since the venue is in Irvine.  You know that community where everything is beige…  And to be honest I was a freaking zombie that whole day since I pulled an all niter getting shit ready for the show.  I did what I could and here you have it!  On the other hand Joey from The Chronicles did got some great creeper shots for ya so click here to check his coverage out.  And don’t worry, this weeks Fun Bag Friday should be a lot better.  But for now RPM’s Humps…

T. Lee

Girl in the middle is Jacquelyn who I met in Remix Vegas and ever since then she’s been at like every show which is dope cause she’s freaking hot and it’s always chillin with her at the shows.   And on the right of course is cutie Lyna Ly reppin Europrojektz 247.

And here’s the rest in thumbnails…

Lexani Lifestyle’s humps, humps, and more humps… and mom’s with their creeper sons.

So there were plenty of humps from the Lexani Festival that took place a week ago and that’s about it… jk.  There were plenty of cars half of them being all from Swift from what I could tell but not really our cup of tea.  So yeah, you’ll mostly be seeing humps a la Jenny Chu and Maya Michele since they be gifted as fuck from the rear and they’re all I really cared to cover.. hehe.  I also thought I’d grace you with what little car coverage I got from this event with some WTF shots too….  I’ll actually even offer a prize but you’ll have to scroll down to see the details.  And yes there was a bikini contest and I was pretty much underneath Maya Michele the whole time so some good shots coming your way.  Anyways, enjoy your hump day fellas!

T. Lee

yeah….  Reminds me of that old cartoon “Mask” where the cars would be 2 vehicles in one.  So I imagine this would be part off road street car and airplane.

I had to snap this because its not every day you see a dumped Diesel truck on bags and I have to admit this thing was pretty cool.  You’d have to be freaking bank to mod a truck.  Freaking crazy!

Okay, for the style these guys go for I have to admit this GS was probably one of the cleanest.  No crazy kit or lambo doors.  Just chopped the whole top and ridiculous system but still pretty clean.

One of the few recognizable cars from the scene I know was there in the DUB booth.

Along with JonJon’s IS350.

Daizo our Videographer working hard.  You guys gotta give this guy props… All that shit he’s wearing aint light and he carries all that for the whole duration of the show.

JonJon wearing the last shirt he’ll ever wear cuz it’s just so illl…  why would you want to wear anything else?  And you can purchase one by clicking here.

and this car looks familiar….

Natalia Marie and Maya Michele …mmmm look at them cheeks

I have to admit Natalia really knows how to work the camera

hmmm… we need dresses like that that say it’s jdm yo! on the booty

And if you were wondering why I had “moms and their creeper sons” in the title this is why.  This mother son team was going around taking pictures with like every model.  And it was the mom that would ask while the son just kind of hovered around the chick.  And all with a disposable camera.  Weird

Watch as they stalk their prey….


And WHAT THE HECK!  so WTH I had to write it out!  So here’s where the prize comes in.  First person to guess and comment correctly what car this is wins some free decals.  And you only get one guess.

my view from where I stood for the bikini show.  a bit too close I think.

aite enjoy the rest fellas!

More Spocom Model Coverage for your Hump Day

So I had some guys that wanted to share their own TnA coverage from Spocom and some of its actually good if you look close on some of the pictures…..  So say thanks to Justin and Andrew for today’s Hump!

Want to see the car coverage?  Click here

T. Lee

This girls tits were literally about to bust out…  if only they did…

Justin got a lot of this girl…

T. Lee

Oh dude it’s hump day again

So this past weekend was Spocom and it was a literal mecca of TnA!!!  Even more so than cars.  Even The Chronicles has TnA coverage from this event it was so ridiculous.  So I give you humps from the show for this weeks Hump Wednesday.  And don’t worry there’s more coverage from this show so keep checking back.

Want to see the car coverage?  Click here

T. Lee

Exxxotica LA for the hump yo!

Dude!  I hooked you guys up for this weeks hump day post.  All humps are from this past weekends Exxxotica LA show.  I have to give a big thanks to Maureen Chen and for getting me in.  But this is just some of what I got so be checking back as I’ll be posting more from this event.  But for now just enjoy this weeks HUMP!

T. Lee

Now that’s how you get pink eye!!!