Formula D Round 7: Title Fight, Irwindale, CA Part 2

Words and Photos by Gilbert.

Continuing from before, here’s the model and drifting coverage of the event. Definitely a great day for some intense competition with many surprises and upsets for the competition.  Definitely congratulations are due to Daigo Saito and Team Achille’s Tires for taking the championship title.

Royal Origin x Low Ballers Family Time Is The Best Time!!!

Words and Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

After our first successful Royal Origin x Low Ballers trip down to Vegas back in April we decided another trip had to be planned out. We chose to head down this past August for Slammed Society Las Vegas, which was being held during the Formula Drift event. The weather was horrible on the day of the show, but good times are always had when you’re with great friends. “Family Time Is The Best Time”. Here are some pictures of the trip down to Vegas. Enjoy!

Ashton’s IS300.

We headed down to Vegas a day before the event and the first thing we did once we hit Vegas was eat! We stopped by the “M” buffet.

Shavi’s Mazda Speed 3 from Royal Origin and Low Ballers.

Jimmy’s Civic from Royal Origin and Low Ballers.

Vu’s Miata from Royal Origin.

Rocky’s Mazda 3 from Royal Origin.

Chilling after eating at the “M” and getting ready to head out to chill for the rest of the day and get ready for the following day for Slammed Society.

The next morning was roll in for the show. We all got there and waited in the HEAT!

Jeff’s RSX from Royal Origin.

Brendan’s Supra from Royal Origin.

Neek’s XB from Royal Origin and Low Ballers.

Gerald’s DC2 from Royal Origin and Low Ballers.

Chivas’s Civic from Royal Origin.

Miguel’s 350z from Royal Origin and Low Ballers.

Angelo’s 350z from Royal Origin.

David’s Civic from Royal Origin.

Nimo’s Accord from Royal Origin and Low Ballers.

Ian’s 280z from Low Ballers.

Henry’s Mazda Protégé from Low Ballers.

Jason’s 240sx from Royal Origin.

Sean’s Jetta from Royal Origin and Low Ballers.

My car.

Neel’s Accord from Royal Origin and Low Ballers.

Nick’s SC400 from Royal Origin.

Yogi from Fatlace.

Minh’s IS250 from Royal Origin and Low Ballers.

After we dropped off the cars at the show. We actually left the show and returned later that night after it had cooled off a bit.

Yogi rolling around the show on his Ruckus.

David from Royal Origin was hosting a Kendama Battle Tournament “Swagdama” during the show.


Sean. Gerald.

Sean’s face is exactly how everyone reacts when they see a Kendama battle live for the first time.

Miguel won Slammed Society and also “K.E.N” 1 vs 1 in the Kendama tournament.


Minh won “The Battle” in the Kendama tournament.

Rocky won “Freestyle” in the Kendama tournament.

Royal Origin x Low Ballers Family Time Is The Best Time!!!

Formula Drift Long Beach 2011 (Part 1)

Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

001 Fatlace Showcase titbits… girls be txting yo!!!

So I got a grip of pictures from the 001 Fatlace Showcase that I gotta sort through and will be posting up soon, hopefully by Monday or Tuesday but for now here’s pics of models hella texting….  Yeah, everytime I looked and wanted to take a picture they were mad texting so I said fuck it!  I’m gonna take pictures of you girls texting and blog it!

But first here’s a quick TnA shot.

and on to the mad txting…

yeah…  she caught me taking this one

Ashley was actually txting me her number in this one………..  just kidding!  I wish.

So check back for more “it’s jdm yo!!!” coverage from 001Fatlace Showcase Long Beach.  “Damn this juice is the shizzz!”

T. Lee

Fatlace ONE/ONE Long Beach Showcase

So I’ll be going to this and getting our first event coverage for the site.  This show should be an interesting one with the open forum going on,  an interesting premise for a car show.  Turn out should hopefully be good with the selective screening of show cars, but then that’s been done in the past with mixed results.   All in all me being a fan of Fatlace and Hellaflush I’m pretty anxious to see what ONE/ONE showcase has in store.

-Lets pray for some good TnA!!!!

hmmm…..   HPI gonna set up too, should I bring my RC car?

T. Lee