No one likes the TUNA episode 4 – Arley Elizabeth

So here’s the 4th episode of “No one likes the TUNA” episode 4. Still not perfect but we’re trying to get there. Brian couldn’t make it so Xena Kai was gracious enough to fill in for him and she may even return for the next show along with Chaba who also couldn’t make it to attend a cousins graduation. Also, we had a new boom guy who didn’t realize every little shuffle and move he made with the boom mic would translate to an irritating knock and rubbing noise so we apologize for the sound. He has since been horrifically executed and will be replaced by a ladder… Anyways we talk “Fast and Furious 6″ answer some questions, recap Eibach Wekfest LA and Autocon, and talk to “Arsely” Elizabeth… get it!? Arsely? Cause she has a nice arse! JK all joking aside we talk to Arley Elizabeth and anal twerking and anal escapades. The car being shot is Prestige Marketing’s newly acquired GT wide BMW M3 shot by Keith “Keychain” Cheng. Hope you enjoy the show and thank you for watching! If you have questions you can email us at

Wek’Fest 2012

Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

The Chronicles 3 year and Formula Drift Irwindale Coverage!!!

Photos and Words by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

Congrats to Joey Lee on his 3-year anniversary for his web site “The Chronicles”. Please be sure to stop by “The Chronicles” by going to

Jay’s Purple TL sitting on his new VIP Modular wheels. Looking Flossy!

Team Praxis TL’s sitting pretty.

ceewok’s RSX on those sexy Regamasters!

The 3-year anniversary celebration was a hit!

Jeff from Royal Origin.

Big Mike’s accord wagon project.

DPK Jared’s S2000. Check out that clean ass engine bay tuck!

Big Mike!

DJ Murdok!

Jon Jon’s IS.

Nit from Dude Blvd.

Jon Jon and Tony holding up the poster’s from Autocon featuring their personal cars.

The beautiful Ms. Holly Lee.


Formula Drift Irwindale 2011

Motormavens Crew.

1013mm John Zhang.

Rotiform NUE.

Vince from Fatlace and Noel from Canibeat.

Two pick ups owned by Yogi and Vince from Fatlace.

Yoshi’s slammed 3 series from Royal Origin.


Minh’s clean IS from Royal Origin and Low Ballers.

Nisei 2011 Event Coverage!!!!

Words and Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

The summer car show season never seems to disappoint and this summer was no different. Nisei showoff has already come and gone and if you didn’t get a chance to go to the show don’t worry because “itsjdmyo” was there to cover it for you. I’ve personally been to three Nisei showoff events and they don’t disappoint. There is just something about a car show being in Downtown LA Japan Town that creates such a great atmosphere. The food, people, and cars just make the experience so perfect. Please enjoy the coverage below!

Dennis’s STI from WFC “wrong fitment crew”.

Sean from Low Ballers & Royal Origin and Chivas from Royal Origin.

We decided to grab an early lunch before the show officially started. So we hopped into Gerald’s daily BMW 3 series from Low Ballers & Royal Origin and heading to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.

Gerald’s girlfiend Jeanne’s lovely dog Juicy.

Made it to Roscoe’s :).

Rywire’s NSX on Regamasters from DPK.

Sheepey’s beastly S2000 from DPK. There is a video online of it killing a Lambo…CRAZY!

Edgar’s G35 from 1up crew.

Sick AE86 with an S2000 motor swap.

Travis’s Honda Fit from Phaze2.

Miguel’s Minty Z from Low Ballers & Royal Origin.

I was really feeling this NSX. Loved the fitment of the TE37’s. You sir are doing it right!

This mini cooper was all by itself near the rear of the show. It’s not very common to see these cars on the road or at a car show.

One of the cleanest EF’s I’ve seen. I was really feeling the overall look of the car.

Angelo’s 350z from Royal Origin.

Chivas’s Civic from Royal Origin.

Gerald’s DC2 from Low Ballers & Royal Origin.

Mike’s TL from Team Praxis.

Mike’s BMW 3 series from Team Praxis. I know you might be thinking how the hell did Mike bring both of his cars from San Diego down to LA? His lovely girlfriend is to thank for making that possible :).

Jay’s TL from Team Praxis.

Linda’s Matrix from Team Praxis.

Robert’s Civic SI from Team Praxis.

David’s Civic form DPK.

ITS JDM YO!!! booth where product was being sold.

Arnel’s Civic from Phaze2.

Jason’s IS300 from Vangaurd Collective.

Jon Jon’s IS from 1up crew.

Jose’s Audi from 1up crew.

Andrew’s Supra from Vanguard Collective.

Peter’s S14 from 1up crew.

Angelo from Royal Orign playing with a Kendama during the show.

Nimo from Low Ballers and Royal Origin playing with a Kendama during the show.

ITS JDM YO!!! 1up crew sticker.

Heavy Hitters “Scared Money Don’t Make Money”.

Jason’s S14 from 1up crew.

Tony from ITS JDM YO!!! rocking his OG team shirt “13 Devils”.

The lovely Tracy Linh.

Chaba is your homegirl!

Robert from Team Praxis.

Joey from “The Chronicles” helping his friend celebrate by shooting off a confetti gun.

Big Mike!

Jon Jon from 1up crew.

Henry from Team Praxis.

Peter from 1up crew.

ITS JDM YO!!! Team winnings!!! Congrats!!!

ITS JDM YO!!! 1st Year!!!!

Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

Eibach 2011

Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

The Chronicles 2nd Year Anniversary Meet

Words and Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for

I have a certain routine I do everyday, and I’m sure many of you guys/girls have the same one.  I get home from school, hit the power button on my computer and start checking out updates on various blogs, websites, and forums.  One blog in particular that I’ve been following with dedication is “The Chronicles”, which is a Honda dedicated blog.  I’ve been a big fan of for some time now and when I heard there was going to be a 2-year anniversary meet at the Eibach facility, I knew I couldn’t miss it.

I had the feeling the event wasn’t going to be just like your average car meet being held in a random lot.  It was going to be legit and full of quality cars and people.  I was completely right, as you will see from the picture in this entire post.

Individuals from all over came to enjoy the event and partake in the celebration. The weather couldn’t have been any better.  It wasn’t too hot or cold and no rain fell during the entire meet.

All the cars that paid for VIP parking spots received this sweet decal cut personally by Joey the man behind “The Chronicles”.

Big Mike and DPK Jared trying to put on this huge ass decal on Big Mike’s Prelude…(not a simple task).

Tony from “itsjdmyo” rolled up and walked around with his pimp cane and all of a sudden half naked women started popping out of the bushes and shit.

DPK David rocking the special edition DPK David face decal.

DPK Jared’s s2000 and his new wheel set up, looking boss. 

I rolled in with some of the members of  Team Praxis.  (Mike = Silver TL, Robert = Green SI, Jay = Purple TL).  I always enjoy kicking it with these guys.   Thanks again Jimmy for getting me the VIP spot.


Arnel’s new project.  I love it.  You can add a +1 to your fan base now Arnel.

Some sick motorcycles and bikes where in attendance.

Sup dawg!?!?

Big Mike holding his friend’s dog.

A rare moment.  Tony and Tony in one photo.  Almost as sick as a double rainbow.

Noel from “Canibeat” was at the meet with his sick corolla.  The best corolla of it’s gen currently in the scene in my opinion.

Billy from “itsjdmyo” rolled up in his IS300 to come chill and relax.

The personal ride of Joey, the man who made the whole meet possible.

Thanks again Joey for putting on such a fantastic meet.

Please enjoy the rest of the coverage below.

High Resolution Photos can be found on my flickr.