SpoCom 2013 Model Coverage

Words by Gilbert.

SpoCom is still one of the major popular shows to attend in so cal and this year was a great example of that. Plenty of models to go around, lots of cars with some fun and interesting builds, and did I mention there were lots of models? The event also caters to the Dancers as they have contests every year which you get the local dance crews to perform on stage and see what they’re capable of. I used to be more into that kind of stuff when America’s Best Dance Crew was still around but as of late, I haven’t had much interest in it, but it’s nice to see that there’s still nice competition going around.

Eva Skye & Jeri Lee


Shauvon Pham


Xena Kai



Hayle Cayaga


Marissa Masuno


Arley Elizabeth


Erica Law


Elizabeth Tran


Tara Patrick




Sandra Wong


Amy Ames


Ellie Roxx




Lovely Raichelle


Beckie Joon






Dianna Lushus


Christine Zegers



Arika Sato


Jay Ferrer


Janis Wong


Jenna Lane


Regina Mei


Maureen Chen


Danielle Lo


Brittani Paige



Jenn Q


Dannie Riel



2012 Auto Gallery — Model Coverage

Words and Photos by Gilbert.

There were plenty of models to cover while at AutoGallery, especially with their pageant going on.  Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to get everyone due to my limited time at the show that day.

Raichelle Viado

Kristy-Lei Juan

Sheila Love

Lily Zenna Wang

Ngan Vo

Mimi Sarmiento

Ellie Sor

Jenna Lane

Elizabeth Tran

Amy Ames

Holly Lee

Dianna Lushus

Emma Rose

Angie Leah

Jelly Ranger

Sandra Wong

Erica Law

Adventures with Big Abe — AutoGallery 2012

Words and Photos by Gilbert.

AutoGallery was hosted by the homies over at Praxis Productions turned out to be a pretty big hit.  The venue was beachside so it was a welcomed change from the regular shows being hosted inland in the blazing heat during the summer.  Plus there were plenty of boobies and cars to go around.

I only got a little bit of adventuring time with Abe this time so I’ll throw in some random shots of some of our Its JDM Yo!!! crews and homies.

Crews were rolling in throughout the morning getting ready for the show.

Sean’s 350Z and Ellisone’s VIP xB on the streets rolling into the show.

Abe wanted to brand this as “Big Abe x Hello Kitty Shades”

So being early to the show meant a lot of time to kill before the actual show starts, so Abe wanted to size up Sheila a little bit.  Still, I wouldn’t mess with Sheila, she’ll cut you.

Spectators had a limited opportunity to meet the male models of Its JDM Yo!!! Mike Mao and Eulises were in attendance and of course Kuya Protection was there to watch their backs.

Even Brian was there to steal some focus from the models.

Here Abe was working on his collaboration with Hello Kitty with Diana Lushus.

While our other photographer Chris was showing Kristy-Lei Juan some tips on posing.

At the end of the day, Abe was shocked to find out that Diana preferred Rockstar over NOS so he had to dissolve that collaboration they were forming earlier.

Auto Gallery Model Coverage will be following soon.

Extreme Autofest – San Diego 2012 – Part 3

Words and Photos by Gilbert.

There was definitely no shortage of models showing up for Extreme Autofest, and Apollo and his crew did a great job arranging for the “Island Paradise” theme lounge.  There was a Sushi Bar, and even a Roasted Pig Luau going on.  Girls were handing out leis to people while sporting the hibiscus and other exotic flowers with grass skirts themselves.  On top of that, there were other models in the show as well representing their various crews and organizations.

JDM Fresh

JDM Sport

Miss Marissa Masuno

Miss Mimi


Unique Fashion

Dianna Lushus

Christine Zegars

Kat Gutierrez

Leianna Kai

Sandra Wong

Alexis Kobayashi

Ela Pasion

Raichelle Viado

Tanya Love

Diamond Zaang


April Garcia

Emma Rose

Holly Lee

Jenna Lane

Amy Ames

Chean Labuen

Kristin Barcelona

Mila DeGuzman

Jeri Lee

Alexia Cortez

Raquel Estrella

Xena Kai

Extreme Autofest – San Diego 2012 – Part 2

Words and photos by Gilbert.

The must attend event is upon us!!!!  Don’t miss out on the SPOCOM SUPER SHOW!

Adventures with Big Abe and Kuya Protection.  The morning started off with the trek to San Diego.  Abe was a bit tired but he soldiered on through the morning to get us down to San Diego.

Of course we see the giant boobies on the way down and we have to take the obligatory photo because I think these are the only boobs bigger than Xena Kai’s.

We arrived during the roll-in for the event and everything was getting under way with vendors setting up, cars pulling in and arranging themselves and super early guests were asked to wait in the parking lot.

Eventually, the models started showing up and Lily Zenna Wang was probably the first one at the Model Lounge. I found Abe making sure the show would be uh… “Family Friendly” enough.

Of course, being a curious fellow, Abe wanted to see how this would fit so kudos to Lily for entertaining us.

Eventually Kuya Protection gets a few more guys in place and Leo takes a moment to pose with Abe.

The job isn’t easy but Abe somehow manages. He’s doing so many different jobs at once.  Keeping the creeps out, making sure things don’t get stolen, helping models take group photos of themselves, especially when they press their cheeks together to show how super close they are with each other.

Otherwise, the models just start photobombing.

Even Leo gets his fair share of the models using them as props for their photos with their fans.

Once in a while, I like to pass by the booth and just snap a quick photo here and there with the models relaxing and just being themselves. Of course, Abe has to be himself as well, and that’s just pure intimidation.

Big Abe is human afterall, so he takes the time to eat just like everybody else. Except with his eating, his meals are Abe Sized.

Sometimes, I don’t even know what’s going on and it just looks hilarious.

The models also take the time to do some silly photos with Abe as well, as you can see with Jeri Lee.

But Abe likes to show his “Blue Steel” every now and again too.

At the end of the day, Abe was kinda just chilling around with models here and their, and simply being himself.

He always does a great job making the lovely ladies feel welcome.  See how Kay Bae was kinda creeped out by the Pig Head?

yeah, Abe took care of that.

Part 3 with the model coverage will be up later.

AutoCon 2012

Words and Photos by Gilbert.

This is the 3rd installment of AutoCon hosted by Justin Fong and his crew. The venue was quite large and there was plenty of room to maneuver around to get from place to place, as well as setup for some good angles to shoot the models and cars.  The biggest drawback of the day which I’m sure everyone experienced was the crazy heat that day. But I give kudos to the staff, all the models and all the crews  toughing it out and still putting on a great show.

Lyna Ly Sparks

Sandra Wong

Marissa Masuno

Kristy-Lei Juan

Jeri Lee

Natalia Marie

Michelle Yee

Nikita Esco


Dianna Lushus


Arika Sato

Xena Kai

Jackie Vidal

Ngan Envy

Alexia Cortez

Emma Rose

Holly Lee

Raichelle Viado



Eva Skye

Ashley Malia

So later in the day, Mikee and I were kinda bored and we decided point out a few things that we thought was “JDM YO!!!”



Ms. Jeri Lee

Hello Kitty!

Kuya Protection




Big Abe & Kuya Protection

Did we mention BOOBIES?!

JDM Platez

VIP Modular

More boobies

Air Runner Supra RC Cars

Its JDM Yo!!! hotties

Joey Lee of The Chronicles

Xena and Kai.

Eventually the sticker fell off the pointer so we’ll have to wrap it up for AutoCon.  Look forward to more event coverages that will be released this week.

WekFest LA 2012 — Long Beach Queen Mary Events Park

Words and photos by Gilbert for Its JDM Yo!!!

WekFest LA was definitely a lot of fun to be at. Plenty of cars and crowds to go around, I can hardly imagine what it must’ve been like in Northern California where it’s traditionally held.  Hopefully I’d be able to attend next year but for now, here’s some model coverage that I managed to put together.

Sandra Wong

Emma Rose

Ling Gao

Coco Komatsu

Christine Huang

Raichelle Viado

Dianna Lushus

Debbie Sath

Kaylee Alana

Arika Sato

Kat Gutierrez

Holly Lee