Extreme Dimensions Meet 2013

Words by Gilbert.

I know SpoCom 2013 was this past weekend and I’m catching up on photos, but first I just wanted to post some coverage from Extreme Dimensions meet which was a couple weeks ago.  SpoCom’s coverage will be coming up sometime this week when it gets finished, so be sure to check back for more hotties and coverage.











Also managed to do a quick mini-shoot for Ms Amanda Kerr who was there for PasMag that day






LTBMW Meet & Extreme Dimensions Open House

Words and photos by Gilbert.

It was another blazing hot Saturday and people were flocking to 4 different venues for 4 different events all happening on this one day within the same time block.  I had made the choice to hit up the LTBMW meet and the Extreme Dimensions meet on a whim so I tried to get you guys some good model coverage. But unfortunately due to time constrains I only managed to shoot a little bit at both events.

There was a pretty big turnout for the LTBMW event, even quite a few cars that aren’t BMWs or euros for that matter.

I’m sure people were wishing they could chill in the aquarium too to escape the heat that day.

I bumped into Xena Kai and a couple of the Its JDM Yo!!! Crew there chillin.

Then I made my way over the Extreme Dimensions meet only to find that I had arrived too late and people were starting to head out.  I tried to scope out if there were any models still there and only managed to get a little shooting time with Jenna Lane.

Count down to Power Preview, Cerritos Power Toyota

I wanted to update with a reminder that the Power Preview meet presented by us in conjunction with Power Toyota of Cerritos is this Sunday! 2 days away !!!

We have made many preparations for this meet to go as smooth as possibe and hopefully it does. We’re working with limited space so I hope we can accomodate everyone that comes out.
See you guys there!


it’s jdm yo!!! presents Power Preview

Last Monday my friend from Power Toyota Cerritos approached us about helping them throw a car meet but with only 2 weeks notice.  Something we weren’t too thrilled about.  Reluctantly we agreed to help them only because depending on how this meet does they’ll let us host the next meet which they want to use as a kick off to what will eventually be a monthly meet.  Pretty much how Norm Reeves Honda next door has their monthly Honda meets.  Another reason we want to help them is because this location is pretty bomb.  They have a 3 story parking structure above the service department and with the popularity with indoor parking structure shows we see great potential here.  So come April 25th, Power Toyota will have free food, a live DJ, and will be doing a free raffles all day.

Power Toyota Cerritos:

So if you guys got nothing to do Sunday the 25th, come down to Power Toyota Cerritos for Power Preview and grab some free food, kick back with friends, listen to the live DJ, and try win prizes from the free raffle.  So far we have guys from Supraforums, Club Lexus, and guys from Scion forums attending and more are sure to show.

*Use your Toyota, Scion, and Lexus keys to get your raffle and food tickets.

-Catering will be provided by MealsMakeDeals.com.  They will be serving Hot Dogs, Carne Asada Tacos, Nachos, and Cookies.

-DJ spinning: DJ Kubonics

-Vendors attending:

Air Runner Systems


Destrons Garage

Midnight Garage

T. Lee