WekFest LA 2013 – Long Beach Queen Mary

Words by Gilbert.

It’s been another year written in the history books for WekFest LA, the popular venue was located in Long Beach Queen Mary Events Park where the multitude of local crews came out to fill the location. Cars were a plenty but this year there were fewer models mostly due to the also popular MFest 2013 Event happening in Las Vegas the same day. The feel and flavor of the event was as robust as ever with many new vendors on site as well as some interesting new car builds and crews.






Julie Mai


Amy Ames and Ellie Roxx




Serena Su



Holly Lee


Marissa Hiroko


Jenn Q


Jenn Q and Jay Ferrer


Formula D Round 1: Streets of Long Beach

Words and Photos by Gilbert

The Formula D Season kicks off its first event on the Streets of Long Beach. Traditionally the weekend before the Long Beach Grand Prix and this year continues to do so.  Unfortunately for myself, I couldn’t get track-access so I didn’t get to go up close to the drifting action to shoot the coverage, but I still did my usual thing covering all the lovely ladies working the show.  Although there wasn’t exactly a model lounge, it kinda makes things a bit interesting to find models spread throughout the venue.  Although, I apologize for completely missing the JDM Sport booth, I heard there was a large group of models chilling over there.  Also, I need to give a big Shoutout to Freddie of Autofashion x TrendyVape for giving me a spot to camp out and put my gear down when I needed a break. Also, be sure to check out TrendyVape when you’re down in San Diego for your Vaping needs!

My E-Vic wrapped with the custom Hello Kitty print from TrendyVape. Super trendy.


Freddie helping customers with their first fills


Ashley Clark at the OMG Drift Booth


Julie Mai and Brittani Paige were at the NOS Booth


Raquel Estrella


Amanda Kerr & Ashley Clark


Falken Tires


Hankook Tires, Erica Nagashima


Nikita Esco at the Mishimoto Booth


Big Abe


Holly Lee


Didn’t catch her name…


Hayle Cayaga


Arley Elizabeth


Ken Gushi


April Yi for Achilles Radial


Ngan Vo


Deena Kacie Bayles


Sorry, I didn’t catch her name


Brittani Paige


Erica Ocampo


Gina Darling and Beckie Joon were on the scene for Roll Models


Michelle Yee at Motegi Wheels


Janey B


K1 Speed Models


Sorry, I didn’t get the names of the models at Silk Road Auto, if anyone can fill me in, comment below!



Danielle Lo


Natalia Marie for NOS Energy Drink


Julie Mai for NOS Energy Drink


Sandra Wong for Nitto tires, which turned into a mini photoshoot.




Later in the day, I spotted a big crowd gathered together in the walkway, so I headed over for a look thinking there might’ve been a fight or something, turns out it was a couple of kids in a dance battle.


Then throughout the day, there was more silliness from the models









Formula D Round 7: Title Fight, Irwindale, CA Part 1

Words and photos by Gilbert.

For the finals of the Formula D 2012 Season, Irwindale Raceway was the battleground in which Rhys Millen, Daigo Saito and many other professional drifters were seeking the top prize for the year.  The event was in conjunction with Slammed Society car show in the vendor area and definitely drew some major crowds.  It was a sold out show bringing many different kinds of enthusiasts in to attendance along with many of the top companies today.  I’ll have to divide up the coverage as there was a lot going on as well as shooting with a couple different themes in mind.

Our very own Steve was showing his GT-R in the SpoCom Booth with some fresh new wheels.

I also spotted fellow photographer/contributor for Its JDM Yo!!! Keith “Keychain” showing his ride in the Slammed Society Showcase

Noticed Kevin from Autofashion giving his FR-S a good wipedown in the morning.

Had a little fun with Big Abe at the NOS VIP Suite. Letting Abe build his own burger resulted in this:

So now we get to the Its JDM Yo!!! Pointing Hand version 2.0

That’s all for now, Part 2 coming.

Extreme Autofest – San Diego 2012 – Part 1

Words and Photos by Gilbert

I’m gonna have to split up this coverage into 3 posts because there was just a lot of stuff going on and I went solo with the coverage for this event.  Extreme Autofest had it’s latest installment at what I would consider their home turf of Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.  I was fortunate enough to camp out at the AutoFashion / Style Over Comfort / AutoGallery / Praxis / AirRunner megabooth as well as with the homies over at DaYuum!

There were some pretty nice builds out so this post is mostly just going to be cars that piqued my interest because I don’t shoot many cars anymore.

I happened to spot Jennifer “Angel”‘s car while driving down

Some cars that were setup around the megabooth

AirRunner’s extensive setup

Prestige Marketing was there with their Tekken-themed cars as well

Part 2 will follow, hopefully soon before the SpoCom Show this weekend.

Motion 2012 Coverage!!!

Photos by Keith Cheng aka “keychain” for itsjdmyo.com

WekFest Los Angeles Coverage

Words and Photos by Chris Bennett aka “Bennett” for Its JDM Yo!!!

Clear skies, sunny day in the high 70’s… toss in the company of friends, models, cars, vendors, the  amazing view of Downtown Long Beach and the Queen Mary, as well as the food… can’t forget the food…. and you have your self a perfect combination for a great time…which is what WekFest was.

Its JDM Yo!!! Hosted the model lounge and represented/promoted NOS Energy Drinks. The lounge was definitely one of the hot spots throughout the show. Asides from the model lounge, there was an assortment of categories of cars to meet every type of “taste.” Its JDM YO!!! was out with our representation of cars as well as the Heavy Hitters Crew and various other enthusiast groups. S2000 and Infinities were well represented during this show as well as the long time favored EG. All in all , a great time at a great location on a perfect day.

Special Thanks to the models for working with me for the images, the father of the little guy rocking the Gatsby head gear as well as the hospitality received from vendors and Queen Mary Staff. Thank You

NEXT SHOW: THIS SUNDAY, June 1oth, Extreme Auto Fest, Angels Stadium in Anaheim. -See you there.

Causing a RUCKUS!!!

Words Tony Lee and Photos by Nick Schultz

Yeah, it’s been a long as time since we’ve posted a feature so this one has 2 girls and 2 Ruckuses (or however you spell Ruckus in the plural form)!  I’ve been planning this shoot for a while ever since Freddie and Kevin started building their Ruckuses from the 2010 VIP Fest.  I really wanted to do a twist on the whole bikes and babes thing but translate it to the Ruckus crowd.  I guess it’s not actually a twist but you get what I’m saying.

Anyways, we ended up making this a weekend trip to SD since Gilbert, Daizo, Nick Schultz, and I are from Orange County.  We go there Saturday and scouted some locations and ended the day by visiting some hot foodie spots and just grubbin which was awesome.  Favorite spot was some BBQ place I forgot the name of but place was packed but well worth the wait.  The next day we headed to Auto Fashion to get set up.  Girls arrived and we began by watching Natalie and Julie oil each other up with baby oil which was amazing….  I think going forward all our shoots will have girls in baby oil.  Something about that shiny wet greasy look…  Anyways, shooting was fun since hangin with the AF Fam is always a good time and Julie Mai and Natalie Bee are just fun to look at!   And I gotta give the girls props for the location I chose.  Shooting at the top of Mount Soledad is super cold and the girls were suffering but they stuck through it and those shots came out great even if we didn’t use a lot of them lol…  Nick’s real picky about his work but it shows in his photos.  And I gotta Thank Freddie and Kevin from Auto Fashion, Nick Schultz for the awesome photos, and the it’s JDM yo! staff Gilbert and Daizo for the bomb ass video and help.  Okay enough of my words…  ENJOY!

Daizo’s video

Model links:  Natalie Bee  Julie Mai

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