Cars & Coffee 1/19/2013 Edition

Words and Photos by Gilbert.

It’s been quite a few years since I have been to a Cars and Coffee meet down in Irvine, CA.  I remember going several years ago when they held the gathering over at Crystal Cove in Newport Beach and lots of extremely high-end cars would roll through as well as some serious classics.  It’s nice to see that tradition still remains the same. I ventured down with Photo M.D. to check things out and also ran into a couple homies like Bert, Noel from Can I Beat, Dave “Hugo” Huang, our very own Steve to name a few. One of the biggest crowd gatherers was the BAC Mono Track Car that showed up today and I also snapped a couple of the Aerial Atom that was near by as well.  So Cal GT-R made a big appearance and among them was a Lexus LFA in attendance as well.

DSC00803 DSC00805 DSC00808 DSC00819 DSC00829 DSC00832 DSC00837 DSC00845 DSC00851 DSC00853 DSC00857 DSC00858 DSC00860 DSC00863 DSC00867 DSC00868 DSC00870

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