Formula D Round 7: Title Fight, Irwindale, CA Part 1

Words and photos by Gilbert.

For the finals of the Formula D 2012 Season, Irwindale Raceway was the battleground in which Rhys Millen, Daigo Saito and many other professional drifters were seeking the top prize for the year.  The event was in conjunction with Slammed Society car show in the vendor area and definitely drew some major crowds.  It was a sold out show bringing many different kinds of enthusiasts in to attendance along with many of the top companies today.  I’ll have to divide up the coverage as there was a lot going on as well as shooting with a couple different themes in mind.

Our very own Steve was showing his GT-R in the SpoCom Booth with some fresh new wheels.

I also spotted fellow photographer/contributor for Its JDM Yo!!! Keith “Keychain” showing his ride in the Slammed Society Showcase

Noticed Kevin from Autofashion giving his FR-S a good wipedown in the morning.

Had a little fun with Big Abe at the NOS VIP Suite. Letting Abe build his own burger resulted in this:

So now we get to the Its JDM Yo!!! Pointing Hand version 2.0

That’s all for now, Part 2 coming.

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