LTBMW Meet & Extreme Dimensions Open House

Words and photos by Gilbert.

It was another blazing hot Saturday and people were flocking to 4 different venues for 4 different events all happening on this one day within the same time block.  I had made the choice to hit up the LTBMW meet and the Extreme Dimensions meet on a whim so I tried to get you guys some good model coverage. But unfortunately due to time constrains I only managed to shoot a little bit at both events.

There was a pretty big turnout for the LTBMW event, even quite a few cars that aren’t BMWs or euros for that matter.

I’m sure people were wishing they could chill in the aquarium too to escape the heat that day.

I bumped into Xena Kai and a couple of the Its JDM Yo!!! Crew there chillin.

Then I made my way over the Extreme Dimensions meet only to find that I had arrived too late and people were starting to head out.  I tried to scope out if there were any models still there and only managed to get a little shooting time with Jenna Lane.

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