Adventures with Big Abe — Long Beach Comic Con

Words and Photos by Gilbert for Its JDM Yo!!!

I was kinda bored and had some free time, so I hit up Kuya Big Abe to see if he was down for a small con that was happening in Long Beach.  I caught word of the con earlier in the week from postings from Mila DeGuzman and Suemomo and decided maybe it was worth checking out for a little bit since it’s in my area.  Big Abe was available so we headed on down to the Long Beach Convention Center.

Getting ready to cross into the world of comic nerds once again.

KITT was there chatting away telling people not to sit in him and what not.

Thought I’d have some fun with the photo.  Pretty sure I read Abe’s mind correctly.

Just making our way around, we had people asking Big Abe to stop for photos.

We happened to run into Suemomo while we were there, she was getting ready to leave for the day already.

Also found Mila De and Heather walking around inside.

While walking through the Artist Alley, several comic artists were asking Abe to check out there work and what not.  He seemed to enjoy himself.

Meanwhile… back at the TMNT Van, the turtles were getting ready to assault Krang and Shredder at their base.

Goofing off with Mila De.

While Big Abe was chatting about the history of the A-Team Van.

A shot with Mila De and Heather with the TMNT Van.

Big Abe Baracas in the A-Team Van.

Lisa as Raphael

Something eye-catching about this She-Ra cosplayer… Although she kinda had a sour attitude when you first approach her.

Big Abe Baracas doing his thing.  Should’ve given him the M-16 to play with  from the back.

And it’s Morphin’ Time!  wait… wrong… theme.

Look out for more Adventures with Big Abe.

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