Adventures with Big Abe — Prestige Marketing presents Puente Hills Dealer’s Showcase

Words and Photos by Gilbert for Its JDM Yo!!!

Yesterday morning I got up early to head out to Van Nuys to do a photoshoot at the Cherry Blossoms since they were blooming, kinda.  Afterwards, I made my way to the Dealer Showcase hosted by Prestige Marketing.  I got there kinda late but still managed to have some fun following Big Abe around at the event.

I can tell Abe was getting stressed a bit at the event, he crushed that can like…. well…. a can.

Later, I found him raiding the taco stand so he can get in a better mood. He had 3 other photographers following him around catching shots of him eating.

While he was eating, I wandered back to the main booth for Prestige Marketing and Its JDM Yo!!! and found Tony and Michelle Yee having some fun with the Caution tape.  Later Abe told me

“Freaking Tony wrapped this thing around my arm man.”

I said “I think that was the one where Michelle was wrapping her boobs with.”

Abe’s response “Oh? Well, that’s okay then.”

So here’s the proof for you Abe.

Abe wanted to smack that ass.  Dat Ass.

Abe was seen again eating them Tacos. You know, doing security is hard work, gotta protein load throughout the event.

Big Abe being Big Abe. Almost reminds me of the scene with Dominic Torretto.

Big Abe then gets replaced by Michelle Yee with Natalia Marie.

So he starts checking out the Knight Industries Two-Thousand car

Natalia Marie says “Hey Abe!  I’m gonna jump off the Rim and I want you to catch me.  ABE! ARE YOU LISTENING?!?!”

Abe is deep in thought “Hmm, I need to fix my glasses..”

So she jumped anyways.

Here we have DJ Pow talking smack about Big Abe… and you know, Big Abe is right there behind him.

Then a raging Big Abe started to pick a fight with Michelangelo from the TMNT Squad. Hmm… Michelangelo is less turtle like and more sexy girl like than I remembered…

Half way into the fight, Michelangelo ran inside the van and hid in there. Abe’s calling him out.

And of course Abe got the last laugh.

Big Abe was then doing his victory dance with Michelle Yee

Then again, I found Bobby doing to Big Abe what Big Abe was doing to Michelle Yee earlier. Now the question would be, did he Smack that ass or did he just grab it….?

So Big Abe hopped into KITT and tried to make a getaway.  Except KITT said “Abe, you’re not Michael, get out.”

So after everything, Michelle found out what Abe was doing earlier and she decided to jack his NOS watch instead. When questioned about the incident Michelle said “That wasn’t me, it was Rainbow Star!!”

More Adventures with Big Abe to come!

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