So you think you can STANCE coverage…

“So you think you can STANCE” Not sure how I came up with that one to be honest. I might have been on the toilet where I do most of my clever thinking… Actually it was at the past years Eibach meet when I noticed everyone loved to watch people roll in over their driveway cause it’s moderately steep so I figure why not make it a competition and throw the stance community a bone. Not too many car shows or events have really catered to the “stance” movement so I thought, here’s their chance! I honestly didn’t know how the event would turn out and got a few mixed opinions but for the most part they were positive. And I mean what’s the worst that could happen other than someone tearing their shit up. I wasn’t looking for a big turn out because I mainly wanted this competition to be something we uploaded on YouTube and Vimeo so I only needed a few spectators to add the oooh’s and aaaah’s as cars competed. Well, the event page blew up and what looked like might be a small event blew up so I had to move the venue to a bigger spot for fears of getting shut down by the Garden Grove PD. And I want to apologize to any vendor or media that was not cordially invited as this event was originally going to be at a smaller location and had no room for vendors and I didn’t want to ask all this media to come out to an event of which I had no idea what the turn out would be. Luckily it was really good and there are now plans for a 2nd competition which will probably be titled “Dirty Stancing” lol… And we will be upping the anty. I guess the driveway at Trendy Threadz was a bit too easy. Don’t have a date yet as we’re looking for a new location but it will probably take place during the summer after our 2 year anniversary event.

So there most likely wont be coverage of our own event as I think most of our staff was busy doing event stuff… but we are working on the video and it should be posted soon… hopefully. Luckily There are a lot of sites that have event coverage and vids up on youtube which we’ll list at the end of this post.

We also would like to thank the following:

Antonio from Motormavens

Noel from Canibeat

Yogi from Fatlace

Holly Lee

Falken Tires

VIP Modular Wheels and Team Praxis

NOS Energy Drinks

Mighty Club for use of their facility

Cali Grill Truck

Pogi Boy

Joey of The Chronicles

DPK David

Shavi and Royal Origins

Infinit Wheels

Mr. Clean Promotions

Team Low n’ Slow


FKN Famous


Dsport for the free calenders

All the competitors and Teams that came out

All the spectators, without you our events are crap

Our very own Keychain and the rest of the it’s jdm yo staff

It’s jdm yo DJ Johnny Fresh and Dj-Mikey P Padilla

Links to coverage:

The Chronicles



Royal Origins


Night Import

One response to “So you think you can STANCE coverage…

  1. Hey guys, this event was totally awesome! We believe in what you’re doing and see how it really helps to promote the stance scene. It’s so cool that we wanna do this here in the Philippines! But of course, since you guys were the ones who started this, we wanted to reach out to you to collaborate or something. You guys deserve the credit for this! Maybe we can do a “So You Think You Can Stance in the P.I. (Philippine Islands)?” or something to that effect. Hit me up guys! Would love to hear what you think. Thanks!

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