Cafe Cutie Ngan!

Words by Tony  photos by Gilbert for Its JDM Yo!!!

As some of you may know we frequent the Vietnamese Coffee shops in hopes that we may one day find the best damn coffee refreshment out there but alas we have not.  But it’s okay cause as a side effect of our search, we’ve come to see many a great boobies and booties and have come to know some of them and even call them friend.  And one them is Ngan formerly from Cafe Lu and now at Cafe Temptation.  So we thought we’d do a spread on her and here it is.  Our very talented Gilbert did the shoot while I just watched…….  The shoot was conducted out our homies shop Infinite Auto Design in HB during the week before SEMA so they were crazy busy working on some crazy ass cars , so many thanks to them for letting us shoot there during that hectic time.  The shoot was chill and Ngan very complient….. And then Gilbert pulled this fucking huge picture frame out of nowhere like mary poppins.  I was a bit skeptical about it but it worked as you can see.  And you guys should go visit Ngan at Temptation cause she makes the best Lychee strawberry smoothies!!!!  Anyways enjoy!  And here’s her FB link   Also, you can expect more features of coffee shop girls so do what you do and keep check!


I want me some MILF and Coffee – Cafe Lu revisited

Oh man!  I simply do love a good cup of coffee, especially Vietnamese coffee.  So the first Cafe Lu post continues to generate hits so I thought I’d do you guys a solid and do another one.  It’s funny because I find that my Cafe Lu post is linked to a lot of porn sites lol… I guess that makes some sense.  Anyways, a lot has changed since my first post and they’re for the better.  First off, there was a rumor that Cafe Lu was shut down which is obviously not true.  Some shops were closed down in Garden Grove but Cafe Lu is in Santa Ana, and far from the reaches of Garden Grove city ordinance code.  Good thing for us!

This is Dung from Hawaii.  And all I have to say is I dig dung!

So in case some of you who haven’t read my 1st Cafe Lu post, it was mainly a 411 on coffee shop etiquette for you newbies out there scared about going cause you heard rumors that there’s Viet OG’s that’ll pop you the second you lay eyes on them.  I’m not going to repeat myself here so if you’re interested in knowing then check out that post here.

So on with the changes.  OMG, with these pictures I bet you guys wont even read what I’m writing lol.  Anyways, the big change you might notice is some of the girls aren’t wearing anything but body paint.  Now how did this all start?  I guess some girls from coffee shops up north in San Jo came down to work here.  And up in San Jo I’m guessing they have way different etiquette than we do.  Good thing for us these San Jo cuties came down to bring us their way of serving coffee.

So what does body paint mean?  You might get a nipple graze lol.  On one occasion we went and home girl tried to squeeze behind Peter’s chair and the wall and ended up grazing her nipple all across his neck.  I have no tips on how to get grazed other than sit next to a wall.

I don’t know who this is but before all this body paint the girls from San Jo would just wear fishnet or sheer lingerie with nothing else underneath so you could see them in their glorious birthday suits.  Not sure why they stopped since the paint is pretty much no different.

Here is Mai, my oh my oh mai….  I really like her top piece here and I dig her pin up style hair.

And yes, even Amy Fay dawns paint.  Not sure how often though.

Some more Dung cause she so BOMB.COM


Tumblr page: Cafe Lu

Directions: Cafe Lu on Yelp

Price: average price is around $6-$7 for a drink.  $5 for viet iced coffee and $7 for smoothies

Tip: should tip more than 15% or else don’t plan on any special treatment on return visits

Hotness rating: 5 out of 6 girls are hotties

Days to go: big game nights and on the weekends around afternoon to evening

Painted Girls: They will have atleast 1-2 girls each shift working in complete body paint but you gotta go a the prime times.  Also, when we went we didn’t get much attention from the girls in paint.  They only seemed to come around to the regulars they knew or the older Caucasian men.


T. Lee